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486 the game
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486 the game

[INTRO] "486" is actually based on a very simple, text-only random integer-based challenge RPG I made on a TI-83 in 2003. Talk about uber n3rd.

[GAMEPLAY] "486" (pronounced four eighty-six) is named after the popular processors of the mid 1990s. It's why the tagline for the game is "play like it's 1994." I consider the game to be something like a classic arcade-style RPG. I blend alot of gameplay elements from games I love like Dragion Warrior, GTA, Adventure, Defender, MYST and a very old BASICA game called "Pimps Quest".

The goal is simple: get the high score. What makes it unique is how you go about that. You could drink at the bar to gain rep, go dance at BEAT BEAT EVOLUTION or beat up everyone you run into. Entirely up to you.

[CONTROLS] Arrow keys move the player Hitting I accesses inventory ESC for menu and to quit The rest is self explanatory and indicated on screen.

[CODING] The entire game is hand-coded in QBASIC64 and all the models were made in UNITY, then exported out as image sequences for QB64 to handle. It's why the game is so big for such a simple GFX-style game!

486.BAS contains all the code for the game. Feel free to look through and tweak as you wish. I only ask you credit the game and myself for the original code. And YES, it's hella sloppy.


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