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QB - A job queue for node.js.

Do not use. Succeeded by

Uses redis for persistence, and msgpack for serialization. Intuitive, flexible, & fast.

How Do I?

npm install qb
var QB = require('qb')
  , qb = new QB()

new QB([options])

Returns a new instance of a queue.


  • redisClient: Pass this to re-use an existing redis client
  • redis: Optionally, an object containing any of host, port, user, pass
  • prefix: Prefix for all of QB's redis keys. Defaults to 'qb'
  • keysep: Key separator for all of QB's redis keys. Defaults to ':'
  • removeCompleted: Remove completed jobs entirely from redis. If true, the job data remains in redis

qb.push(jobType, jobData, [id], $done)

Push a job into the queue.

var job = {to:'', template:'reg-welcome', name:'Foo Bar'}

qb.push('email', job, function(err, jobId, jobStr) {
  console.log(err, jobId, jobStr)

When a job is pushed, it is given an incrementing number as an ID (note: this ID is contained in qb:~:#:<jobType>). That number is pushed into qb:~:waiting:<jobType> and the job's data (serialized by msgpack) is stored in qb:job:<jobType>:<id>

qb.process(jobType, [n], fn)

Process jobType jobs from the queue, using n concurrent workers.

qb.process('email', function(job, $done) {
  console.log(['Sending', job.template, 'email to',, '...'].join(' '))

  sendEmail(job, function(err) {
    if (err) return $done(err);     // Fail the job
    return $done()                  // ... or mark complete

If the job fails, its data remains in redis, and its ID is pushed into qb:~:failed:<jobType>.

If it succeeds, one of the following happens:

  • If removeCompleted is true, the job's ID and data are removed from redis
  • If removeCompleted is false, the job's ID is stored in qb:~:completed:<jobType> and the job data remains in redis