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The most minimal blog engine you've never heard of
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I wrote about my reasoning

Start your blog

  1. Fork unn-skeleton
  2. Clone your new repository to your computer (optionally, run mkvirtualenv myblog)
  3. Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Edit to set up your deployment settings (default is S3)
  5. Think of something good to write (this step is harder than the others)

Use it day-to-day

unn idea my-idea to start a new draft. Use markdown for formatting.
unn publish my-idea to convert a draft to a post.
unn build to build your site's pages.
unn local to serve it locally.
unn deploy to push it live. (this will build first, as a convenience)

Customize it

Check the _template folder for the basic file structure. unn uses Jinja2 for templating.

The index.html template gets the following context:

    "posts": [{
        "Slug": ""
        ... all headers included in this post ...
    }, ...]

The single.html template gets the following context:

    "post_html": "<p>The rendered HTML of the post</p>",
    ... all headers included in this post ...

base.html defines the box that index.html and single.html live inside (ie. header/footer).
error.html is a generic error display page.

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