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Haunted house game - by Mob Rules Games
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base Removed an annoying suprious error
data Added Script.EndGame() after victory in all scripts
game Credits
house Reverted a change that I shouldn't have checked in
lib Got fmod event system working
make Still haven't gotten the rounds to sync up properly
mrgnet Added a created time field to games
texture This is going to make merging suck
tools ffs
.gitignore ignore these new shaunts builds
bugs.txt bugs
haunts_gameplay.lst Wax Figures Galore - Object files and jsons
main.go system menu now supports returning to start screen
net.txt Put the net.txt doc in the repo
readme Added a very simple readme
runme Added in some things that maybe should be there, not sure :-P
save_widget.go gofmt


NOTE: The repository contains everything you need *EXCEPT* sound.  To get the sound you should go to and grab the *.fsb file and add it to data/sound/.

NOTE: All of the repositories that this project references are open-source.  Some might have made backward-incompatible changes since I last pulled them.  I have already made some such changes to glop.  Additionally I have cloned some repositories and have my own version of them (such as chsc's gogl), if you try to use the author's verisons you will need to make a lot of changes in haunts.

- base/
Useful things that you might want anywhere.
  - Logging: you can do base.Log().Printf("Foo: %d", foo) to get that line (with line number and file) to show up in the log
  - Console: The console shows the last several lines of the log file as it is being generated.  Press ctrl-c on windows, or cmd-c on osx, to toggle the console.
  - Registry: An easy way to load directories full of json files into the appropriate structures and keep them in an easy to access registry.
  - Bindings: Some bindings are different on osx and windows, these are listed in their respective bindings files.
  - Shaders: Easy way to load shaders and set appropriate variables for those shaders.

- game/
Most gameplay and ui stuff is in here.  It's big and gross.
  - Actions: The Action interface describes a kind of action that a player can do.  Each action type has an implementation in game/actions/.
  - Ais: The Ai interface describes an ai that can control either a player or an entity.  Implementations and the Ai API is in game/ai/.
  - Ui: Most ui is done in the files that match game/ui_.*.  They are ugly, because the ui api in glop is ugly.  That is something that just sucks, there isn't a good way around it.

  - game/status
  Contains everything for keeping track of an entity's stats, along with any modifiers to those stats.  This is in a separate package to make it difficult to modify an entity's stats without going through the proper process.

- house/
Contains all of the code for rendering rooms and houses, as well as all of the logic for the editor.
  - Los_textures: This describes what a player can see.  This is represented as a greyscale image that is used to render rooms such that certain parts are dark or light depending on what a player can see.  The relevant fragment shader that handles this is data/shaders/fragment/los.fs.

- mrgnet/
All of the code for communicating with the server.

- sound/
All of the code for playing sound and music.

- texture/
A fairly simple texture manager.  Textures can be loaded by referring to their path (relative to data/).  The are loaded asynchronously, they are loaded incrementally so as to not flood the gpu with requests in a single frame.  If you refer to a texture that has not been loaded yet you will get a single pixel transparent texture until it is loaded.  A scavenger routine will collect textures that have not been referenced in a few minutes and unload them from the gpu to prevent texture memory from growing unboundedly.
  -Greyscale images are handled specially.  If a texture is loaded that is strictly greyscale it will be loaded into the gpu as a greyscale image to save on texture and gpu bandwidth.

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