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This is a rudimentary API for Natwest Online banking.

It consists of a command-line application (nw) that displays account information, balance, and recent transactions.


$ nw
> Please enter your customer number:
> Please enter your PIN:
> Please enter your password:

12345678 (12-34-56) balance: £100,753.73; available: £100,000

Recent Transactions:
15 Jan 2010: -£40.00
  Cash Withdrawal (LLOYDS BANK 15JAN)
18 Jan 2010: -£20.00
  Cash Withdrawal (LLOYDS BANK 17JAN)
19 Jan 2010: -£45.00
  OnLine Transaction (CALL REF.NO. 1234 LOANSHARK FP 19/01/10 10)
19 Jan 2010: -£49.99
  Debit Card Transaction (1234 18JAN10 EXAMPLE.COM 0800 123 4567 GB)
20 Jan 2010: +£2,000.00
  Automated Credit
20 Jan 2010: +£38.83
  Automated Credit


The login procedure for is pure security theatre. It requires:

  • Spoofing your useragent unless using I.E or Chrome.
  • Entering your customer number, then clicking "Log in".
  • Determining three specific digits of your PIN, then entering them in individual form fields.
  • Determining three specific characters of your password, then entering them in individual form fields.
  • Clicking "Next".
  • Confirming your last login details then clicking "Next".

(For extra difficulty, the last "Next" button is positioned under a series of three images: if you click on it before the images have loaded, you're likely to click one of those instead, which loads an unrelated page).

For checking an account balance or recent activity, this is ridiculous. This utility prompts for your credentials then displays your account details. Optionally, one or more of these credentials (remember, there are three) can be cached in ~/.natwest.yaml, in which case only the remaining credentials are prompted for.

Credential caching

A YAML file named ~/.natwest.yaml may contain a Hash of one or more credentials. The keys are Symbols: :pin, :password, and :customer_number. Their values are Strings or Integers. For example:

$ cat ~/.natwest.yaml 
:customer_number: '0123045678'
:pin: 1234

With the above config file, nw will prompt only for the password. You may store all three credentials in the config file, in which case you will not be prompted at all. However, for security reasons, that’s probably a bad idea.

Note: The PIN is unrelated to your ATM card PIN.

Warning: ~/.natwest.yaml should be chmod 600.


This utility relies on screen-scraping multiple pages of horrendous HTML. Further, it has only been tested with one account. Feel free to report errors, preferably with the HTML, appropriately sanitised, on which it fails.