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Read Ruby

Read Ruby is a book I’m writing about Ruby 1.9.2. It’s in a very rough state, but the latest version can always be viewed at

Text and images are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Suggestions and issue reports are welcomed via the Issue Tracker.

Contributor's guide

Fork the GitHub repository, make commits and do pull requests.

To generate the book, you'll need:

  • Ruby 1.9.2 (or 1.9 trunk), which can be installed via rvm.
  • xsltproc (Available in an eponymous package on Debian and her derivatives).
  • The gems coderay, h5-min, nokogiri, sinatra, and w3c_validators. If you have the bundler gem installed, you can install the lot by executing bundle install in the repository root.
  • To validate the DocBook sources you'll need xmllint (packaged as libxml2-utils on Debian et al.) and/or oNVDL. (Validation will be skipped if these programs aren’t installed).
  • gzip for compressing HTML/CSS/JS. Installed by default on most systems.

To preview it locally:

  • Run rake browse to start the bundled web server
  • Navigate to http://localhost:4567/