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XSL: Support links to glossary entries whose <glossterm>s contain onl…

…y text.

Previously, a link of the form <glossterm linkend="id"/> where glossdef[@xml:id="id"]/glossterm contained only text nodes, rendered empty because <xsl:apply-templates> was being used to extract the contents of the glossdef/glossterm. This commit changes the XSLT to use <xsl:value-of>, instead. This works for the original case, but has the obvious and unfortunate side effect of stripping out children from all glossdef/glossterm elements. When I learn how to fix this properly, I will.
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1 parent 601e4f3 commit 2a5b50087e526bcc653b0a8a48c6843a3927a7c0 @runpaint committed Dec 31, 2010
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2 xsl/link.xsl
@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@
- <a class="glossterm" href="{$href}"><xsl:apply-templates select="$anchor/d:glossterm/*"/></a>
+ <a class="glossterm" href="{$href}"><xsl:value-of select="$anchor/d:glossterm"/></a>

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