Lacking an author name? #132

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There does not appear to be any claim about who wrote the book. Is it satisfactory to identify the author as "" (alphabetize as ""; when necessary, enter "" as last name and leave first name empty)? That's what did. On the other hand has "Run Run" as last name and "Run Paint" as first name.

mose commented Apr 21, 2013

Yes this is totally disturbing. The book is good quality and it's published anonymously.

But worse even : the domain name, which was our only link to the author, expired 2 weeks ago and was parked by the registrar. And all we have to contact the author is that domain name now unusable. I'm afraid he won't even get any notification from github anymore if he registered with that email.

Anyone has any info on who is the author of this very good book and how to contact him/her ?

mose commented Apr 22, 2013

Update : the domain name is online again ! cool ! :)

Hi guys,

I registered a domain to continue hosting this book. Check

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