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May 25, 2009

  1. runpaint

    Matrix#determinant returns the determinant or 0.

    Added provisional tests for a particularly buggy method. This needs reviewing
    before being committed.
  2. runpaint

    Matrix#compare_by_row_vectors - Add test.

    Matrix#compare_by_row_vectors(rows) returns true if the elements in _rows_ are
    equal to those in self.
  3. runpaint

    Matrix#column_vectors returns Array of Vectors.

  4. runpaint

    Merge branch 'master' of

  5. runpaint

    Matrix.column_vector returns single-col. Matrix.

  6. runpaint

    Matrix#columns raises on an empty Matrix.

  7. runpaint

    Matrix#columns returns an instance of Matrix.

  8. runpaint

    Matrix#column_size returns size of _first_ column.

    Matrix#column_size returns the size of the first column in the matrix. This is
    significant because Matrix allows the creation of non-square matrices. Added
    a test that makes this behaviour explicit for an unequal matrix.
  9. runpaint

    Matrix#column returns nil Vector on invalid column.

    When Matrix#column is called with an invalid column vector it returns a Vector
    whose elements are nil.
  10. Marc-André Lafortune

    Added a test to specs of Numeric#step

    marcandre authored
  11. Marc-André Lafortune

    1.8.7: String#upto (updated specs for 1.8.7 and 1.9)

    marcandre authored
  12. runpaint

    String.scan returns empty array for non match.


May 24, 2009

  1. Marc-André Lafortune

    1.8.7: String#rpartition (created new specs)

    marcandre authored
  2. Marc-André Lafortune

    1.8.7: String#partition (created specs)

    marcandre authored
  3. Hongli Lai

    Add a README to make it easier for people to get started.

  4. Hongli Lai

    Add some documenting comments for the MSpec config files.

  5. Marc-André Lafortune

    1.8.7: String#end_with?, #start_with? (created new specs)

    marcandre authored
  6. Marc-André Lafortune

    1.8.7: String#each_byte: added specs for optional block

    marcandre authored
  7. Marc-André Lafortune

    1.8.7: String#each_line: modified spec for compatibility with 1.8.7 &…

    … 1.9
    In 1.9, String#each is gone
    Modified edge cases for compatibility with 1.9
    marcandre authored
  8. Marc-André Lafortune

    Added additional tests for String#gsub, #initialize, #split and #sub …

    …to disallow nil as an acceptable value for optional parameters
    marcandre authored

May 23, 2009

  1. Jari Bakken

    Add spec for Method#{inspect,to_s} when defined with attr_accessor.

    jarib authored
  2. Jari Bakken

    Check that Method#call works for methods defined with attr_accessor

    jarib authored
  3. Jari Bakken

    Add spec for Method#arity when defined through attr_accessor

    jarib authored

May 22, 2009

  1. Brian Shirai

    Some cleanup for return from a block specs.

    brixen authored
  2. Andrii Dmytrenko

    Add spec for return in case of chained yield calls.

    Signed-off-by: Brian Ford <>
    Antti authored brixen committed
  3. Gregory Brown

    Resolve failing Ruby 1.9 spec for Observer#count_observers

    Signed-off-by: Brian Ford <>
    sandal authored brixen committed
  4. Jari Bakken

    Process.egid should return an Integer, not necessarily a Fixnum.

    Signed-off-by: Brian Ford <>
    jarib authored brixen committed
  5. Mike Flester

    significant digits was inadvertently testing size of Fixnum

    Signed-off-by: Brian Ford <>
    mobileAgent authored brixen committed
  6. François Beausoleil

    Spec name is clearer now about the intent

    Signed-off-by: Brian Ford <>
    francois authored brixen committed

May 21, 2009

  1. Charles Oliver Nutter

    Add 1.8.7 guard for Kernel#tap spec.

    headius authored
  2. Charles Oliver Nutter

    Add a spec for a 'super' that gets used for multiple names (from JRUB…

    headius authored
  3. Fix spec dependent on Hash ordering

    Evan Phoenix authored brixen committed
  4. Fix specs that were dependent on Hash#each ordering

    Evan Phoenix authored brixen committed
  5. Thomas E Enebo

    Some more core classes which cannot marshal.dump

    enebo authored
  6. Brian Shirai

    Fixed a couple nonsense Hash specs.

    brixen authored
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