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<h3 id="conventions">Conventions</h3>
<p>The following typographical conventions are used in this book:</p>
<h4>Key Presses</h4>
<p><kbd>&lt;Esc&gt;</kbd> - Indicates that the named key should be
<p><kbd><kbd>&lt;Ctrl&gt;</kbd>-<kbd>p</kbd></kbd> - Keys joined with a
<tt>-</tt> should be pressed simultaneously. In this example the
<kbd>&lt;Ctrl&gt;</kbd> should be held down while the <kbd>p</kbd> key is
<h4>Normal Mode Commands</h4>
<p><kbd>gqap</kbd> - The named characters should be entered in order while in
<i>Normal</i> mode.</p>
<h4>Command-Line Commands</h4>
<p><tt>:set spell</tt> - The command should be typed in
<i>Command-Line</i> mode. (If you're in a different mode, press
<kbd>&lt;Esc&gt;</kbd> before you type the command).</p>
<p><tt>:!<var>command</var></tt> - As above, but <var>command</var> is a variable
which should be substituted for its value.</p>
<h4>Monospaced Font</h4>
<p>A <tt>fixed width</tt> font is used for filenames, code, and variable
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