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<h3 id="navigating-folds">Navigating Folds</h3>
<p>Your document contains <i>folds</i> and you want to use them for
navigation. (To create folds see <a
href="#manually-creating-folds"><i>Manually Creating
Folds</i></a>). </p>
<td>Close the current fold.</td>
<td><i>c</i>lose fold</td>
<td>Open the current fold.</td>
<td><i>o</i>pen fold</td>
<td>Close all folds.</td>
<td>fold <i>M</i>ore</td>
<td>Open all folds.</td>
<td><i>R</i>educe folding</td>
<td>Move to the next fold.</td>
<td><kbd>j</kbd> moves to the <i>next</i> line</td>
<td>Move to the previous fold.</td>
<td><kbd>k</kbd> moves to the <i>previous</i> line</td>
<td>Disable folding.</td>
<td><i>n</i>o folds</td>
<td>Re-enable folding.</td>
<td><i>N</i> is <i>n</i> toggled</td>
<p>You can use <kbd>zM</kbd> to achieve a birds-eye view of the file, which
can be useful when you're writing a long book and forget how the recipe you're
currently writing relates to&hellip;</p>
<p>Vim treats folds like individual lines, so <kbd>j</kbd> and <kbd>k</kbd>
move over one fold at a time. Further, you can yank/delete<span
class="fn"><i>yank</i> is Vim terminology for copying text to the clipboard;
see <a
href="#copying-cutting-pasting"><i>Copying, Cutting, and
Pasting</i></a>.</span> a fold as if it was a single line.</p>
<p>By default, folds are forgotten when you edit another file. To save them
use <tt>:mkview</tt>. Then, to restore them, use <kbd>:loadview</kbd>.</p>
<p>The <tt>:set foldcolumn=<var>W</var></tt> command, where <var>W</var> is a
integer width less than 13, displays a column along the left-hand side of the
screen with information about the folds in the current file. It indicates
whether the corresponding line is an open or closed fold (with <i>-</i> or
<i>+</i>, respectively).</p>
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