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Folds: Mention zr and zm

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commit 150e3e94fb73da28d497484b23d2bf849681647c 1 parent 3c81cb8
runpaint authored
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  1. +10 −0 text/07_navigation/08_navigating_folds.html
10 text/07_navigation/08_navigating_folds.html
@@ -31,6 +31,11 @@ <h3 id="navigating-folds">Navigating Folds</h3>
<td>fold <i>M</i>ore</td>
+ <td><kbd>zr</kbd></td>
+ <td>Open one level of folds.</td>
+ <td><i>r</i>educe folding</td>
+ </tr>
+ <tr>
<td>Open all folds.</td>
<td><i>R</i>educe folding</td>
@@ -46,6 +51,11 @@ <h3 id="navigating-folds">Navigating Folds</h3>
<td><kbd>k</kbd> moves to the <i>previous</i> line</td>
+ <td><kbd>zm</kbd></td>
+ <td>Close one level of folds.</td>
+ <td>Fold <i>m</i>ore</td>
+ </tr>
+ <tr>
<td>Disable folding.</td>
<td><i>n</i>o folds</td>
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