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Rakefile: :deb - Copy/Gzip PDF.

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commit 19dfec6bc0b5f2d3c849d63cfa43570bfbb1e665 1 parent a8af98e
runpaint authored
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4 Rakefile
@@ -178,9 +178,11 @@ end
desc "Generate the .deb"
task :deb => [:www] do
- html_dir = 'deb/usr/share/doc/vimrecipes/html'
+ deb_dir = 'deb/usr/share/doc/vimrecipes'
+ html_dir = deb_dir + '/html'
mkdir_p html_dir
cp 'output/toc/index.html', html_dir
+ sh "gzip -c output/vim-recipes.pdf >#{deb_dir}/vim-recipes.pdf.gz"
FileList['output/*/','output/*.png'].each {|d| cp_r d, html_dir}
FileList["#{html_dir}/*.html", "#{html_dir}/*/*.html",
"#{html_dir}/*/*/*.html"].each do |file|
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