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Tabs: Fix typo

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1 parent 6da1ff0 commit 38e486b2fba2f2e7b9b1d2df9219f1f0871b09a9 @runpaint committed
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2 text/07_navigation/06_navigating_tabs.html
@@ -76,6 +76,6 @@ <h3 id="navigating-tabs">Navigating Tabs</h3>
<p>The power of tabs comes from executing commands on the windows they contain
as a logical group. Continuing the above example, this would let you perform a
<a href="#searching-and-replacing">search and replace</a> all HTML files. For
-example, if you were in the HTML tab, you could say <tt>:windo
+example, if you were in the HTML tab, you could say <tt>:tabdo
s/&lt;foo&gt;/&lt;bar&gt;/g</tt>, and all of your HTML files would have
their &lt;foo&gt;s replaced with &lt;bar&gt;s.</p>

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