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@@ -38,9 +38,9 @@ <h3 id="choosing-right-mode">Choosing the Right Mode</h3>
insert text. </p>
<blockquote class="tip">
- <p>Use <kbd><kbd>&lt;Ctrl&gt;</kbd>+<kbd>o</kbd></kbd> in Insert mode to
+ <p>Use <kbd><kbd>&lt;Ctrl&gt;</kbd>-<kbd>o</kbd></kbd> in Insert mode to
switch to Normal mode for one command, then return to Insert mode. For
- example, <kbd><kbd>&lt;Ctrl&gt;</kbd>+<kbd>o</kbd> <kbd>gqas</kbd></kbd>
+ example, <kbd><kbd>&lt;Ctrl&gt;</kbd>-<kbd>o</kbd> <kbd>gqas</kbd></kbd>
enters Normal mode, reformats the current sentence,<span class="fn">For an
explanation of <kbd>gqas</kbd> refer to the <a
href="#selecting-text-with-motions">Selecting Text with Motions</a>
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ <h3 id="choosing-right-mode">Choosing the Right Mode</h3>
reword it. In Normal mode you can either <a
href="#searching-for-any-word">search</a> for it (e.g. <tt>/Hobson
argued</tt>), or simply page through the file (e.g.
-<kbd><kbd>&lt;Ctrl&gt;</kbd>+<kbd>F</kbd></kbd> to scroll downwards) to find
+<kbd><kbd>&lt;Ctrl&gt;</kbd>-<kbd>F</kbd></kbd> to scroll downwards) to find
it. Once there, you can move to the section you're interested in using either
the <a href="#basic-navigation">basic movement
commands</a> or <a href="#navigating-text-files">text objects</a>. You can

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