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Repeating Commands: Mention `'.`.

h/t tebeka (closes #7)
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@@ -39,3 +39,8 @@ <h4>Discussion</h4>
<kbd><kbd><var>command</var></kbd></kbd>, followed by
<kbd><kbd><var>n</var>.</kbd></kbd>, followed by <kbd><kbd>.</kbd></kbd> will
result in <var>command</var> being executed 2<var>n</var> + 1 times. </p>
+<p>The discussion above assumes that the last command needs to be repeated
+exactly. Instead, you may wish to execute a different command on the same
+text. Jump to the position of the last change with the <i>Normal</i> mode
+command <tt>.'</tt>, then make that change.</p>

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