Inaccuracy in "Selecting Text with Motions." #1

blinks opened this Issue May 20, 2009 · 3 comments

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If you wanted to delete the word ''fandangle'' you'd need to press d nine times: once for each character.

This would be bad; deleting four lines, and ready to delete one more. You probably mean "x".


(The unfortunate thing here is that later on in the paragraph, you extend to "dw" to delete a word, which is correct, but doesn't nicely follow from "x" to delete a character.)


What a daft mistake! Thank you, I've fixed the example.

(As you note, the challenge in all of this is to pick examples and commands which are internally consistent; being right isn't enough.)


Totally understandable. Note that the consistency here is that there are different commands to act on a move and a single character (or visual selection). d the former, x the latter, of course. Perhaps you could work that in?

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