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" This Vim script deletes all the menus, so that they can be redefined.
" Warning: This also deletes all menus defined by the user!
" Maintainer: Bram Moolenaar <>
" Last Change: 2001 May 27
aunmenu *
silent! unlet did_install_default_menus
silent! unlet did_install_syntax_menu
if exists("did_menu_trans")
menutrans clear
unlet did_menu_trans
silent! unlet find_help_dialog
silent! unlet menutrans_help_dialog
silent! unlet menutrans_path_dialog
silent! unlet menutrans_tags_dialog
silent! unlet menutrans_textwidth_dialog
silent! unlet menutrans_fileformat_dialog
silent! unlet menutrans_no_file
" vim: set sw=2 :
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