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run wallet

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This repository is now out of date a no longer worked on, only use for reference, an update to the latest IOTA library is required for it to work

run wallet provides a fast, efficient and easy to manage Wallet for the IOTA currency


Full of features
Send and receive IOTA's
Multi Seed Wallet 🌿
Multi Address Transfers 🌿
Automatic Seed balance discovery
Automatic Address generating
Clear detailed Address balance and Pending balance data
Address Pigs 🐷 sticky addresses 🐷 keep any address from being used 🐷
TOR enable private IOTOR (IOTA over TOR)
Customisable, different colour themes to style the app
Transaction and address history
Currency data and Charts 💵 💴 💶 💷
Full Node control
Advanced configuration allowed, min weight and Address security
Simplified or Detailed layouts
QR Code support

Code originally based on the IOTA foundation wallet


v1.3.8750 - Rebranded to run wallet as due to Google Play terms copyright infringements on logo and name usage
v1.3.8650 - Security update, big issue found around using an old IOTA library, all previous release of run IOTA wallet should be discarded if you have.
The whole release-0.9.10 of jota is included in this release, like the previous library that had the security bug in it as it is not possible to overwrite the current library to include the wereAddressSpentFrom feature which is also a security issue not being in the official GitHub JOTA library, runplay had previous provided the code for this to issue #101

v1.3.8500 - Pre snaphot used address checker, decimal place on > iota values, Network area improvements
v1.3.8400 - Solutions for issues: #5 & #6
v1.3.8350 - Print paper wallet added with trinity wallet compatibility, import QR Seed & trinity wallet compatibility and some bug fixes, promte transaction improvements
v1.3.8150 - QR Reader improvements (accepts raw values and json), Deep linking now supported (iota://address?value=100&message=SOME9MESSAGE&tag=SOME9TAG), plus a couple bug fixes.
v1.3.8100 - Used Address balance Auto & manual check added, Fast wallet Switcher, Ui tweak for large seed values, Reload Seed request (performs a first load again), Background Service performance improvements and a couple Bug fixes.
v1.3.8000 - Improved Seed generator, improved Promotes, field.carriota node added to node list options, improved wallet load display, Active wallet name displayed in Toolbar, improved nudging (faster and more often)
v1.3.7900 - Edit Wallet section created, Added one extra Theme, Rate App prompt added
v1.3.7800 - Bug fixes identified in Google Play console
v1.3.7700 - Welcome section added and opened the app to full app browsing without Seed
v1.3.6600 - Colour Themes, 10 different app colours styles to choose from
v1.3.5500 - Multi Address transfer and TOR ability

Deep linking

App supports deep linking in the following way:
iota:// or runiota://

format: iota://address?amount=100&message=PARAM9MESSAGE&tag=PARAM9TAG

amount: Must be in raw IOTA value (long, BigNumber)
address: Valid IOTA address
message: A-Za-z 9, other characters will be removed, whitespace converted to '9'
tag: A-Za-z 9, other characters will be removed, whitespace converted to '9'


Get it on Google Play

How to build

$ git clone
$ cd run-wallet-android
$ ./gradlew clean build

Available only on Github, Google Play and Amazon market, do not download run IOTA wallet anywhere else

Support the project

If you find the app useful, donations are accepted here



Here are some screenshots of the app

alt tag

alt tag

alt tag

alt tag

alt tag


Fast and easy to manage Wallet for the IOTA currency




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