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"A Shared Challenge in Behavioural Specification"

Collection of material BEFORE the Dagstuhl seminar


Instructions for adding a Contribution

  • Create a folder named after your tool or specification language.

  • Copy into that folder.

  • In that local folder, rename to

  • Fill out the local file. One can use a markdown editor which makes the experience much nicer.

  • Possibly add other material in that folder such as source code, traces etc.

  • Make a link from the top file to that local file.

Tools and Languages (alphabetic order)

How are we going to use this info?

We would like to collect your input for the seminar here, publicly in the repository. The idea is that you submit your input here in the repository before the seminar. The earlier you do this, the more opportunity other participants will get to have a quick overview on what you are doing. This allows us to jump right into medias res at the meeting. Ideally you will present your specification language and examples in a submitted talk.

As outcome of the seminar, we hope to ideally define a small set of interesting challenges that could be used as examples or case studies in the future. Promiment examples from other domains are the Steam Boiler, Mondex, or the CoCoME "Common Component Modelling Example".

Further usage

We want this repository to be dynamic; there is no need to simply make a single submission. You may be inspired to specify properties submitted by another person in your own language. In which case, we encourage you to create a separate file in your own directory for this e.g. we might have qea/ where the properties described in tracecontract/ are specified in QEA.


Collection of material BEFORE the workshop



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