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Detailed Documentation

For detailed information on RV-Monitor and its use, please see http://runtimeverification.com/monitor/docs (also included in text form in the docs/ subfolder of this install).

Command Line Basics

To call rv-monitor with ease, please add RV-Monitor/bin to your PATH!

The rv-monitor script has the following usage:

 rv-monitor [-v] [-d <target directory>] <specification file or dir>

	-v option is verbose mode 
	-d option is used to specify the target directory
    	where the resulting java code will be saved. It is optional.

For more options, type rv-monitor or rv-monitor -h

Running Examples

Before trying any examples, please ensure you’ve added the RV-Monitor/bin directory to your PATH and the RV-Monitor Runtime Library, as well as your current directory in your Java CLASSPATH.

The RV-Monitor Runtime Library is provided in this package in the rv-monitor/lib directory. A typical value of this is:

In Windows, rv-monitor\lib\rv-monitor-rt.jar

In Linux and Mac, rv-monitor/lib/rv-monitor-rt.jar

Add this to the left end of the CLASSPATH followed by ;. (in Windows) or :. (in Linux and Mac). The second part (:. i.e. this directory) is for ease of use.

This ensures easy use of 1) rv-monitor to generate monitoring libraries, 2) javac to compile the libraries together with your instrumented program, and 3) java to run the code in all the examples.

Note: for setting the classpath to already existing classpath you may want to use %CLASSPATH% (in Windows) or $CLASSPATH (in Linux and Mac). Similarly for PATH. e.g. CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:rv-monitor/lib/rv-monitor-rt.jar:.

To get started, here’s an example of monitoring via context free grammar.

In RV-Monitor/examples/java/CFG/HasNext, we call: $ rv-monitor rvm/HasNext.rvm $ javac rvm/HasNextRuntimeMonitor.java HasNext_1/HasNext_1.java $ java HasNext_1.HasNext_1

For more information on running examples, please see the web documentation on running examples at https://runtimeverification.com/monitor/docs (also included in text form in the docs/ subfolder of this install).