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Objective-C 995 240


A simple UIView popover control for iPhone/iPad written in CoreGraphics.

Updated Aug 18, 2015


forked from apache/spark

Mirror of Apache Spark

Updated Feb 4, 2015

Python 0 456


forked from Yelp/mrjob

Run MapReduce jobs on Hadoop or Amazon Web Services

Updated Dec 22, 2014

Objective-C 0 683


forked from slackhq/SlackTextViewController

A drop-in UIViewController subclass with a growing text input view and other useful messaging features

Updated Oct 13, 2014

Python 0 303


forked from djacobs/PyAPNs

Python library for interacting with the Apple Push Notification service (APNs)

Updated Oct 8, 2014

Python 0 78


forked from mailgun/talon

Updated Sep 17, 2014

Erlang 0 145


forked from Vagabond/gen_smtp

A generic Erlang SMTP server and client that can be extended via callback modules

Updated Dec 4, 2013

Erlang 0 20


forked from asabil/raven-erlang

Raven Erlang (with lager)

Updated Nov 24, 2013

Python 0 175


forked from wal-e/wal-e

A S3 based WAL-shipping disaster recovery and standby toolkit

Updated Nov 3, 2013

Erlang 0 233


forked from basho/riak_core

Distributed systems infrastructure used by Riak.

Updated Sep 9, 2013

Python 0 15


forked from poundifdef/ClassicUPS

Wrapper around the UPS API for creating shipping labels and fetching a package's tracking status.

Updated Aug 8, 2013

Python 0 19


forked from aheadley/packagetrack

Python library to track packages, supports UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and CanadaPost

Updated Aug 7, 2013

Erlang 1 1


The missing (erlang) standard library

Updated Aug 5, 2013

Python 0 4


forked from j4mie/stathat-async

A simple multithreaded async API wrapper for

Updated Aug 2, 2013

Python 0 15


forked from mdgart/sentrylogs

Send logs from nginx and other applications to django sentry

Updated Jul 3, 2013

Erlang 0 33


forked from tex/erlinotify

erlang binding to inotify

Updated May 29, 2013

Python 0 22


forked from htj/suds-htj

A fork of SUDS (which appear to be unmtaintained) with some patches in order to fix a couple of critical issues.

Updated Apr 16, 2013


forked from mmzeeman/esqlite

Erlang NIF for sqlite

Updated Mar 9, 2013

Python 0 14

forked from kennethreitz/

StatHat API Wrapper.

Updated Feb 25, 2013

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