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Runway Module

The Runway module exposes three simple functions that can be combined to expose your models to the Runway app using a simple interface.

  • @runway.setup(): A Python decorator used to initialize and configure your model.
  • @runway.command(): A Python decorator used to define the interface to your model. Each command creates an HTTP route which can process user input and return outputs from the model.
  • The entrypoint function that starts the SDK's HTTP interface. It fires the function decorated by @runway.setup() and listens for commands on the network, forwarding them along to the appropriate functions decorated with @runway.command().


.. automodule:: runway

.. autofunction:: setup(decorated_fn=None, options=None)
.. autofunction:: command(name, inputs={}, outputs={})
.. autofunction:: run(host='', port=9000, model_options={}, debug=False, meta=False)