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Enhance Textures

Generation of realistic textures using ESRGAN models for image super-resolution. This example reads low resolution textures, enhances them, and sends its output to TouchDesigner.

Running the Example

  • Download the project folder.
  • Open Runway and create a workspace with the ESRGAN model. Check the docs for tutorials and additional information.
  • Select File as input, and open the included images folder.
  • Select Network as output and run the model.
  • Open the EnhanceTextures.toe file and press 'F1' to enter performance mode.
  • Click on the Get field and input the port from Runway's HTTP server (e.g. 8000).
  • Selecting a texture:
    1. In Runway: Select the texture to enhance from the input list.
    2. In Touchdesigner: Click on the folder icon 📂 next to the File field and select the same texture. This operation will load the original file and receive the enhanced texture from Runway.
    3. Repeat steps i. and ii. to load different textures.
  • Press 'Esc' to leave performance mode.

EnhanceTextures Preview


  • At the moment, Touchdesigner requires selecting the texture in both apps. Future Runway features should facilitate simpler interaction flows.
  • Keep an eye on the output folder (ESRGAN), which will auto-save the enhanced textures.
  • If you have any issues, press Alt+T and check the python console.
  • The textures in the images folder are part of the mini8x texture pack by D00Med (Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0).

Add Your Own Images

  • Simply add your own texture files to the images folder.
  • Alternatively, select a texture in a different location in both Runway and Touchdesigner.
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