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Image classification in Runway using MobileNet and Touchdesigner. This example generates a simple user interface to display images and their corresponding labels (exported from Runway).

Running the Example

  • Open the TDClassifier.toe file and press 'F1' to enter performance mode.
  • Use the slider to scroll through the image list.
  • Press 'Esc' to leave performance mode.

TDClassifier Preview

Add Your Own Image Folder

  • Use Runway and MobileNet to classify all your images and generate a JSON file.
  • Put all your images and the JSON file to a folder.
  • Open the TDClassifier.toe file. Navigate to project1/display.
  • Select the data DAT and replace the file with your JSON file.
  • Click on the Reload button.
  • The project includes a 'Fruit' and 'Animals' folder for you to try this.
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