JQuery Plugin for inflating and deflating the value of an Input
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This is a JQuery plugin that allows the creation of a different layer
of inputs that will receive formatting according to user locale.


Let's imagine that you have your application handling a float value
and you must support the pt_br locale (which uses "," as decimal
separator and "." as separator for thousands).

Usually, you would need to support the different float formats on the
server, but with this plugin you can do that support entirely on

It works by creating a second input, turning the original input into a
hidden input and using deflate and inflate functions to convert
to/from the desired user-friendly format. Changes are then propagated
to the original input.

 <input name="price" type="text" class="float" value="123.4">

Will be turned into

 <input name="price" type="hidden" value="123.4">
 <input name="price_input_deflate" type="text" class="float" value="123,40">

The code you need to call is something like:

 $('.float').inputDeflate({ inflate: convert_to_locale_format,
                            deflate: convert_to_server_format });

Take a look at testePlugin.html for code samples.

You can apply masks to the new field (think how that applies to a date
field where the server needs an ISO8601 date and you want to present