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A couple of python/virtualenv utilities.
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    A couple of python/virtualenv utilities.

    p is a simple function for managing virtualenvs. It is similar to
    virtualenvwrapper but with fewer features. Use it to activate, deactivate,
    and switch virtualenvs.

    Currently there are two (shell) hooks provided:
        * post-activate
        * post-deactivate.
    These should be files placed in the bin directory of your virtualenv is meant to be sourced and not run directly.

    pystrap is a utility for fine grained control over python and virtualenv,
    or for use with old or awful unixes without nice repositories. It:
        * downloads and compiles python from source
        * installs python in your user directory
        * downloads virtualenv and dependencies
        * creates virtualenvs using these
    You'll need some dev files to get all the modules built:
        * debian
            * aptitude build-dep python2.7
        * OSX
            * make sure xcode command line tools are installed, this gets
              most of the modules built.
    Everything is kept in ~/.python.

    p requires PYENV to be set to your base dir for virtualenvs


        put into ~/.bashrc or the like:
            export PYENV=~/my_virtual_envs
            source /path/to/

        put it somewhere in $PATH
        read comments at top of script, you'll need deps installed to build.

    p           - list virtualenvs
    p -h        - short help
    p --help    - long help
    p -d        - deactivate current virtualenv and run post-deactivate hook
    p -a        - revert -d
    p -m MODULE - cd to directory where module lives
    p .         - cd to site-packages of current virtualenv
    p ..        - cd to root of current virtualenv
    p ENV       - deactivate current virtualenv and activate ENV with hooks

    pystrap -h --help
    pystrap        - install python2 and virtualenv
    pystrap ENV    - create virtualenv ENV with python2
    pystrap -3     - install python3 and virtualenv
    pystrap -3 ENV - create virtualenv ENV with python3
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