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z for vim
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V(1)                             User Commands                            V(1)

       v - z for vim

       v [-a] [-c] [-l] [-[0-9]] [--debug] [--help] [regex1 regex2 ... regexn]

       bash, vim

       Put v somewhere in $PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin/).
       For   the   manual   page,   put   v.1   somewhere  in  $MANPATH  (e.g.

       v uses viminfo's list of recently edited files to open one  quickly  no
       matter where you are in the filesystem.

       By  default, it will open the most recently edited file matching all of
       the provided regular expressions.

       -a           don't skip deleted files
       -c           restrict matches to subdirectories of the current dir
       -l           when multiple matches, show a list
       -[0-9]       edit nth most recent file
       --debug      dry run
       --help       show a brief help message

       v            list and choose from all files
       v -0         reopen most recently edited file
       v foo bar    edit first file matching foo and bar
       v -c foo bar choose files in current dir matching foo and bar
       v -l foo bar list and choose files matching foo and bar

       Shell variables, such as $, must be escaped if used in regular  expres-

       The  default  behavior is to open the most recent file that matches the
       search terms, even if there are multiple matches.

       You may find it useful to alias vl='v  -l'.  When  there  are  multiple
       matches,  this  will prompt for a choice, rather than editing the first
       match. The author is still  not  sure  which  behavior  should  be  the
       default, and has chosen one provisionally.

       vim(1), regex(7)

       Please file bugs at

v                                February 2011                            V(1)
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