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Added Installation notes for Max OS X #61

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Thanks for the quick reply to:
#60 (comment)

Updated the README how I managed to get it to work for me in Mac OS X if you're interested.


I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't acccept pull requests on the README, as it's automatically generated from the man page (z.1).

In this case, I think this would be more suited to the wiki. I've gone ahead and added something like this to the FAQ, which you are welcome to edit, if you feel it's not clear.

@rupa rupa closed this

Awesome dude, cheers :)

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@@ -37,7 +37,22 @@ EXAMPLES
- Installation:
+ = Installation (Mac OS X) - In the below, update instances of yourusername with your own username:
+ Save to:
+ /Users/yourusername/
+ Open or create a new file:
+ /Users/yourusername/.bash_profile
+ Add the following code:
+ . /Users/yourusername/
+ Save
+ Open Terminal (or close and reopen if already open) cd around for a while to build up the db.
+ = Installation (Linux):
Put something like this in your $HOME/.bashrc:
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