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# [](

Free Opencart 3 theme named "NepalBuddhaOpencartThemeFree"

**[Video tutorial to install it ](**



Following modules are directly integrated into the theme above:
**[Featured categories OpenCart module free](**
**[Show full width OpenCart module free](**

##Following are the developer tutorials which helps to understand code easily:
This youtube videos playlist can also be helpful to become OpenCart developer Gurus:

- [Introduction and Table of Contents]( This video goes through the introduction of the series
- [OpenCart installation localhost]( This video go through the OpenCart installation in localhost
- [Files and folder structure of Opencart]( It describes files and folders structure of OpenCart
- [Creating Database Table schema in OpenCart]( It shows database table schema and shows how to create database tables in OpenCart
- [OpenCart Library Predefined Objects’ Methods]( It describes OpenCart Library Predefined Objects’ Methods and shows where to find them.
- [MVCL pattern, code flow and request & response in OpenCart]( It shows MVCL pattern, code flow and request & response in OpenCart.
- [Install, Configure and Uninstall Opencart module]( It shows three ways to upload modules, then install, configure and uninstall the OpenCart 3 module/extension.
- [Layouts and position in Opencart 3]( It describes the OpenCart 3 layouts and positions. It shows how to show customize layouts for different pages, giving examples of categories pages. We show the different layout for a different category.

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