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Unlock all of your Masternode coins

These instructions are intended for those that are running a MasterNode on a Linux VPS and are managing it using a Cold wallet. These instructions will walk you through the steps to unlock all of your MasterNode coins so that you can begin the process to conslidate your RUPX.

  1. Open your current Rupaya wallet that is the MasterNode Cold Wallet

  2. Select Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File

  3. Insert a # symbol in front of each of the lines in your configuration file. This will remark out those lines so that the wallet will no longer lock the funds for those Masternodes, once a wallet restart has been completed.

    • Alternatively, you can just rename the masternode.conf file to something like masternode.bak.
  4. Close your Rupaya wallet and then open it back up again and the funds should now be unlocked.

  5. Be sure to send all of the coins from your MasterNode(s) to a consolidated wallet address.

Once all of your coins have been unlocked, you can proceed to the next step to consolidate your coins into a single wallet address.