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Rupaya Governance and Proposals

The Rupaya Community Governance will allow anyone with a Rupaya wallet to submit project proposals for integrations, promoting, new exchanges, marketing, dev, etc and get the requested RUPX coins if MasterNode owners support it with Yes votes.

Rupaya aims to have a proposals platform and process that is:

  • Open and inclusive
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Financially and professionally rewarding

How it works

View active Rupaya Proposals that MasterNode owners can vote on: or use the PROPOSALS menu link on

Click on the proposal title to read more details about it. When ready to vote, click the VOTE NOW button of the proposal and copy the command you need to run.

How do proposals end up on the page

Before a proposal is submitted we recommend opening it up for public discussion. This ensures that your proposal is resonable and polished enough to pass the voting. You can read more about the creation process below.

To see proposals drafts that have not been submitted yet and are open for public discussion go here:

How are the successful proposal being paid?

The address specified in a successfully voted proposal will receive the requested RUPX funds via POS minting when the budget superblock is reached. These are new coins added in circulation and not taken from MN or Staking rewards.

How to create a proposal

  1. Login to your GitHub account

  2. Create a proposal draft as a GitHub Issue. For example:

  3. Based on community comments and feedback, refine the proposal

  4. Once ready, it will be merged into the 'final' directory of the proposals repository

  5. You will receive a READ-ONLY short link from an Admin

  6. Use the link to submit the proposal on the blockchain. Step by step instructions here

  7. Wait for the MasterNodes owners to vote on your proposal, one vote per masternode instance