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Requested funds

  • 15,000 RUPX coins which represent under 2% of the monthly governance budget. It will be paid as a one-time payment to my 7H9HR7P8CD3jPp9qsnP1HqN1xHsww8o8SH address when we reach block 172,800 (around June 12th, 2018) if MasterNode owners support it with Yes votes.
  • 50 RUPX to cover the proposal creation fee

Describe your proposal

To continue the Charts series started by the #9 and #10, I am proposing to enhance the charts ( with the option to select the amount of data you want to see in the chart(s). The option will be:

  • one day
  • one week
  • one month
  • one year
  • all blockchain history from the genesis

This zooming feature will be integrated with all existing and future charts. The current amount of data the charts receive is limited to a day (1440 blocks). Being able to go all the way back to the genesis (without putting a strain on the server or your browser/connection/computer) should enable much better analysis and research.

If you are excited about these possible enhancements, there is no need to wait for the end of the superblock cycle (June 12th, 2018) to get them. If I see positive voting trends on this proposal I will start pushing the changes out (when done) to our block explorer.

Proposal creator (Discord user)

Reefy#0384 - official Rupaya block explorer developer and maintainer

Proposal discussion forum:

Rupaya Proposals Github Issue 15