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A unified console to perform the "kill chain" stages of attacks.
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“Kill Chain” is a unified console with an anonymizer that will perform these stages of attacks:

  • Reconnaissance

  • Weaponization

  • Delivery

  • Exploit

  • Installation

  • Command & Control

  • And Actions

Dependent tool sets are:

  1. Tor -- For the console build-in anonymizer.

  2. Set -- Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET), attacks against humans.

  3. OpenVas -- Vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management.

  4. Veil-Evasion -- Generate metasploit payloads bypass anti-virus.

  5. Websploit -- WebSploit Advanced MITM Framework.

  6. Metasploit -- Executing exploit code against target.

  7. WiFite -- Automated wireless auditor, designed for Linux.


killchain Setup

killchain Add-on

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