Collaborative, real-time artboards
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Bust a Shape

A collaborative, real-time tool for creating artwork in the browser. Inspired by @afragon's work with CSS live coding (see a video)

An experiment by Chris Ruppel and Afra Noubarzadeh.

Multiplayer art

Visit to try it out with others! Just like a video game, it works best when you have a fast connection with a low ping.


🎥 An early version of bustashape

Installation and Setup

Only needed if you want to set up your own instance. Assuming you have node.js installed, just run the following commands:

npm install -g gulp
npm install

Now use gulp to run the server:

gulp start

It will open up the site in your default browser automatically. To really see the magic, open other browser windows and point them at http://localhost:3000, or load it on other devices using the same LAN (the "External" URL will be listed in console with your current IP).

Have fun!