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This tool is a GUI for drush make.

It produces makefiles which are then deployed, producing a Drupal installation which is populated with all of the code you need to actually build a website, including:

  • Drupal core or distributions
  • Modules
  • Themes
  • External libraries
  • CVS and git repositories


  1. First time installs should import drushmake_gen.sql and drushmake_alter.sql
  2. Copy _config.example.php to _config.php and make your changes
  3. Install each version of drupal that you want to generate makefiles for. The scripts expect them to live in the root directory at /d6, /d7, etc.
  4. I loaded about 100 modules up, you may want more. I got all the data from this URL:
  5. Run /update.php once you're satisfied with your contrib list; It will fetch the current version for all your modules and get the site to produce accurate makefiles.