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Fixes #23

All installs need to run drushmake_alter.sql
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commit dc389de490a859376ccbba025bd5f2377bd520fc 1 parent 20bfbaa
@rupl authored
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@@ -22,8 +22,7 @@ website, including:
-1. First time installs should import drushmake_gen.sql into your database.
- drushmake_alter.sql upgrades from the previous version only
+1. First time installs should import drushmake_gen.sql and drushmake_alter.sql
2. Copy _config.example.php to _config.php and make your changes
3. Install each version of drupal that you want to generate makefiles for.
The scripts expect them to live in the root directory at /d6, /d7, etc.
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