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Add :require => [...] to the gemfile(5) manpage
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If a gem's main file is different than the gem name, specify how to require it.
+ Or use <code>false</code> to prevent bundler to require it (but it will still
+ install it and maintain dependencies). And for gems with several files to require,
+ it's also possible to give an array to <code>:require</code>.
gem "rspec", :require => "spec"
gem "sqlite3-ruby", "1.2.5", :require => "sqlite3"
+ gem "gem-release", :require => false
+ gem "redis", :require => ["redis/connection/hiredis", "redis"]
In order to require gems in your <code>Gemfile</code>, you will need to call
<code>Bundler.require</code> in your application.

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