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prereq's: perl, make, git, sh, patch
perl Makefile.PL
make test
with sudo:
sudo make install
test -f ~/.perlall || cp .perlall ~/
sudo mkdir -p /usr/src/perl/blead/perl-git
sudo chown $USER -R /usr/src/perl
cd /usr/src/perl/blead/
as root:
make install
test -f ~/.perlall || cp .perlall ~/
mkdir -p /usr/src/perl/blead/perl-git
cd /usr/src/perl/blead/
without sudo (local as with perlbrew)
cp scripts/perlall ~/bin/perlall
# ensure that $HOME/bin is in your $PATH. better then ~/perl5/bin
test -f ~/.perlall || cp .perlall ~/
cd ~
mkdir -p ~/perl5/src/perl-git
sed -i "s,/usr/src/perl/blead/perl-git,$HOME/perl5/src/perl-git," .perlall
sed -i "s,# PERLALL_PREFIX=~/perl5/$,PERLALL_PREFIX=$HOME/perl5," .perlall
sed -i "s,# PERLALL_BUILDROOT=~/perl5/src$,PERLALL_BUILDROOT=$HOME/perl5/src," .perlall
sed -i "s,# PERLALL_BINDIR=~/perl5/bin$,PERLALL_BINDIR=$HOME/perl5/bin," .perlall
cd ~/perl5/src/
for all three variants:
git clone git:// perl-git
# better start with the older perls, because your inc_version path will get messed up
perlall -v build --force 5.6.2d-nt
perlall -v build --force 5.8.4d-nt
perlall -v build --force 5.8.5d-nt
perlall -v build --force 5.8.8d-nt
perlall -v build --force 5.8.9d-nt
perlall -v build --force 5.10.1d-nt
perlall -v build --force 5.12.4d-nt
perlall -v build --force 5.14.2d-nt
perlall -v build --force bleadd --link
perlall init
You will need cygwin for git and have c:\cygwin\bin in your PATH
There are 4 major variants:
* strawberry perl - stripped mingw with cmd.exe. build from win32\
* msys - bash, for cross-compiling to mingw
needs mingw-get install msys-dvlpr
* mingw - bash, can use perlall, but perlall build not possible
* activeperl - cmd.exe with MSVC. build from win32\
All 4 variants are still in work.
msys being the easiest and most attractive, to be able to compile your mingw perl
in a sane environment, and strawberry perl the most common.
msys is not even mentioned in perl core, but support is easy to add to Configure.
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