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do something with all my perls
Reini Urban / rurban           , 2012
Design Goals
parallel perl installations as supported by Configure (or not).
no chdir or switching to other perls (better perlbrew)
Design Goals
Build, maintain and test with a lot of perls, on a lot of machines.
Your private cpantesters framework.
Standardize feature names: DEBUGGING and threads.
Single file    - scp to all remote vm's. Only 4 external modules - self-installer independent on CPAN.
perlall              vs      perlbrew
Globally shared non-arch modules
manual installation process (root, sudo or non-sudo)
Not only build. Use it:
  init cpan cpanm 
  maketest makeinstall, ...
MSWin32, msys
Private non-arch - good for usedevel testing
automatic bash installation
No parallel usage
No MSWin32, what is msys?
Common tasks: setup + test + install
for p in 6.2 8.4 8.5 8.8 8.9 10.1 12.4 14.2 15.8
  perlall build 5.${p};  perlall build 5.${p}-nt
  perlall build 5.${p}d; perlall build 5.${p}d-nt
  perlall build 5.${p}-m
done                  # and wait ~2h
perlall list          # what failed?
perlall=5.15.* perlall cpanm -f --sudo YAML
perlall init          # installs e.g. Bundle::CPANReporter2
                                                   # wait and prompt for the next 2hrs
cd ~/Perl/B-Generate
perlall maketest
perlall makeinstall    # generate and upload cpanreports
Creating test reports
cd ~/Perl/B-Generate
perlall maketest            local
perlall testvm --all               and remote (vm or phys)
=» log.test-osx10.6.8-5.10.1d-nt, log.test-linuxmint1-5.15.8d-nt, log.test-freebsd7.4-5.10.1, log.test-cygwin1.7.10s_winxp-5.14.2d-nt, ... (» 50 logfiles)
$ ../B-C/store_rpt            save reports away
Working with test reports
$ ../B-C/status_upd -fqd
t/cc.t Failed tests:  10, 38, 46, 101
t/e_perlcc.t Failed tests:  22, 52
t/c_o1.t Failed test:  15
t/c_o2.t Failed test:  15
t/c_o3.t Failed test:  15
t/c_o4.t Failed test:  15
t/cc.t Failed test:  15
t/e_perlcc.t Failed tests:  53..54
t/c_o1.t Failed test:  15
t/c_o2.t Failed test:  15
t/c_o3.t Failed test:  15
t/e_perlcc.t Failed tests:  53..54
Working with test reports
Download external cpanreports:
$ ../B-C/t/download-reports 1.43
And check all reports, yours and theirs:
$ ../B-C/status_upd -fqd t/reports/1.43
-fqd     fail only, quiet, no dump display (broken)
Reports are created by:
  make test TEST_VERBOSE=1 2»&1 | tee log.test
  git diff »» log.test
  perl -V  »» log.test
Cfg and Shortcuts  in  ~/.perlall
.perlall is in bash format. source it from your .profile
env and alias
alias perl-git='cd /usr/src/perl/blead/perl-git'
# currently used perl (set by perlall)
alias p=perl5.15.8d-nt
Shortcuts  in  ~/.perlall
# some aliases suggestions
alias pb="p -Iblib/arch -Iblib/lib" # no -Mblib!
alias pmf="if [ -f Makefile.PL ]; then p Makefile.PL; else rm -rf _build; p Build.PL; fi"
alias pm='pmf && m'
alias ppan='p -S cpan'
alias m=make
alias mt='make -j4 test'
alias mi='mt && smi'
alias mtee='mt 2»&1 | tee log.test'
alias smi='sudo make install'
#set p alias from current Makefile
function ppm { p=$(perl -ane'print $F[2] if /^FULLPERL =/' Makefile); echo alias p=$p; test -n "$p" && alias p=$p; }
alias pgrp='pgrep -fl perl'
Typical test session
alias pb="p -Iblib/arch -Iblib/lib"
alias pmf="if [ -f Makefile.PL ]; then p Makefile.PL; else rm -rf _build; p Build.PL; p Build; fi"
alias pm='pmf && m'
$ pm                           # make with your current perl
$ pb t/02failing_test.t        # single test
$ pb -d t/02failing_test.t     # debug it
$ mt                           # test with this perl
$ perlall -m --nogit maketest  # all major perls
perlall do
# who has no YAML?
perlall do -MYAML -e0
# install on older versions
perlall=5.8.* perlall cpanm -f -S YAML
# check memory leaks, with fresh make before
# use current p as \$p         (pb not, sorry)
perlall make '-e1 && valgrind \$p -Mblib'
perlall make does always a do, i.e $p $@
Need to setup every vm, with perlall of course. See INSTALL.
ssh-copy-id your .ssh key, adjust .profile or .bashrc.
Create the same layout as on the master for your work modules.
ssh win mkdir -p Perl/MyModule
perlall testvm win centos5 freebsd10 --fork
If win is on a vm, then the vm is started/resumed. (kvm only so far). Switched from vmware,xen,virtualbox to kvm.
With -j4 ensure that max. 4 vm's run concurrently. Memory and IO pressure destabilizes the system, esp. with cgroups and 3.x kernels.
TODO: Automated mingw/activeperl testing. ssh with cmd.exe?
New perl release
perl-git                      # cd to git srcdir
git co blead; git fetch       # get new tags
perl-root                     # cd to buildroot
# for testing
perlall build 5.15.8d
perlall build 5.15.8d-nt
# for benchmarking
perlall build 5.15.8-nt
# start CPAN update
perlall=5.15.8* perlall init
# how does it look like?
cd ~/Perl/MyModule
alias p=perl5.15.8d-nt
pm && mtee
Test blead
perl-git                      # cd to git srcdir
git co blead; git fetch       # get latest
perlall -v build bleadd-nt --link -Dcc=gcc-mp-4.7
=» /usr/local/bin/perl5.15.8d-nt@8129baca installed
    blead - magic version,  --link    -Dmksymlinks to perl-git
perlall -v build bleadd-nt --link -Dcc=clang \
  -Dld=clang --as perl5.15.8d-nt-clang
...test error...
perlall -v build bleadd-nt \ 
  --as perl5.15.8d-nt-clang --install   # continue
perlall build bleadd-nt smoke-me/khw-tk # branch
=» perl5.15.8d-nt@khw-tk
perlall smoke -j4 bleadd-nt smoke-me/*
=» TODO: send smoke reports
perlall=5*[0-9]-nt perlall -m bench t/benchscript.t
=» TODO: stable (check load, wait until stable)
perlall cpan Devel::*Prof*
=» query CPAN for matching modules. metacpan not yet good enough. CPAN is better
cpan App::perlall
cd ~/Perl
git clone
cd App-perlall
perl Makefile.PL && make test install
cd ~/bin
ln -s ~/Perl/App-perlall/scripts/perlall
ln perlall perlall-maketest
ln perlall perlall-do
ln perlall perlall-cpan
ln perlall perlall-init
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