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Release 1.55: Add documention for the __DATA__ limitation
And some more cross-links.

I'll release that as 1.55 with documented limitation.  And try to actually
fix the __DATA__ limitation in the next release.  I had a similar problem in
B::C and had to treat it seperately, e.g.  here we could run the filter over
the DATA handle and dump it extra.

sort MANIFEST and add MANIFEST.SKIP for .gitignore


1.54: Release - no -Wall errors
 Fix some compiler warnings for -Wall. Some patches by Dave Mitchell. RT #101587
 Note that perl5 itself is not yet -pedantic safe, Filter is.


1.53: simple re-release due to broken EUMM
for the moment dont use distsignature with make -j4.


Fix Filter::Util::Call regression from 1.50
filter_add({}) or filter_add([]) was broken. add it to a test.
This broke Switch, see RT #101004.


1.51: Release
  * Minor -Wall -Wextra cleanups by jhi and me. Fixes RT #100742
  * Updated Copyright years
  * Document and warn about its limitations


1.50 release: Fix B::C[C] detection in Filter::decrypt
B-C-1.46 will not store B::NULL::ISA anymore.
Note that the Bytecode compiler can successfully compile and run decrypt.tst without -H

Also add a LICENSE =head1 to the main module for kwalitee.t


1.49: Add t/z_*.t meta tests (now for real)
move Try to t/FilterTry,
add POD to Filter::Util::Call, Filter::Util::Exec and generated
add clean target


1.48: added META records and tests
added META records, such as repository, recommends to Makefile.PL
added META and POD tests


1.47: Reproduced and fixed RT #41285 test failures with non-english l…

(Thanks to cpantesters and srezic)


[RT #84292] Fix PIPE_PID/waitpid broken in Exec pipe_read since 5.17.6
Use sleep(0) instead of waitpid after close(pipe_in). Fixes sh and exec tests since 5.17.6
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