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Revision history for Function-Parameters
0.06 2012-06-19
- complete rewrite in XS
- require perl 5.14+
- hopefully fix bug where it would get the line numbers wrong
- we're a lexical pragma now; remove import_into()
- more fine-grained control over behavior of generated keywords:
* function name can be optional/required/prohibited
* invocant name can be any variable, not just $self
* default attributes (and method now defaults to ':method')
0.05 2011-08-02
- complete rewrite
- hopefully fix bug where it would swallow compilation errors or get the line numbers wrong
- method keyword!
- more flexible keyword customization
0.04 2010-03-03
- allow renaming the function keyword
- provide import_into so you can mess with other packages
0.03 2009-12-14
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.