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Reduce make granularity slightly

pmc->dump and dump->c have been combined into a single step, removing the
dependency on transitive closure features.
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1 parent 7be2f89 commit 2fa43d9ef8bc2433fb1717838b037012c623dbf2 @sorear sorear committed Apr 25, 2010
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@@ -214,19 +214,18 @@ $(PMC_DIR)/init_with_xs.h:
.SUFFIXES : .pmc .dump $(O)
+# We always write .c as a proxy for the other files...
$(PMC2C) --no-lines --dump $(PMC2C_INCLUDES) $<
-# note that the pmc will always be older than the dump, as the dump will
-# be remade if needed first
- $(PMC2C) --no-lines -c $(PMC2C_INCLUDES) $*.pmc
+ $(PMC2C) --no-lines -c $(PMC2C_INCLUDES) $<
$(CC) $(CC_OUT)$@ $(INCLUDES) $(CFLAGS) $<
$(PMC2C) --no-lines --library $(PMC_DIR)/$(PMC_BLIZKOST_GROUP) -c $(PMC_SOURCES)
-$(PMC_DIR)/p5scalar.dump: $(PMC_DIR)/p5sv.dump
+$(PMC_DIR)/p5scalar.c: $(PMC_DIR)/p5sv.c

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