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perl5 int, double, string type implementations without checks

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    coretypes - my [const] int, double, string $@%variables

    Parse int, double and string as type, provide packages and implement the
    changed datastructures.

    We have to support two different implementations:

    As backwards compatible CPAN extension implemented only as slow tie
    methods, and 2nd in core with patched parser hooks targetting 5.18 and
    faster and smaller structures.

    Use those 3 new native types in declarations of lexical scalars, arrays
    and hashes, but not in globals. Add a new lexical type qualifier
    "const", see <>

        my int $i;         # no magic allowed, with type-optim and type checks.
        my double $d;      #               -"-
        our string $s;     #               -"-

        my int @array;     # typed IV array, with type-optim. and type checks.
        my int @array[20]; # typed and fixed-sized, with type and size checks.
        my const int @array; # typed IV array, with better type-optim. and type checks.

        my string %hash;   # typed PV hash, with type-optim. and type checks

        our const string %hash = {'foo' => 'bar'};
                           # perfect hash with type-optim. and type checks

    This package does NOT handle attributes, as there is no compile-time
    attribute hook for my lexicals yet, and attribute parsing and handling
    is unstable and even considered dangerous (Attribute::Handler evals
    them). Type qualifiers, such as "const" or "unsigned" can be parsed
    upfront as in C, or rely on an additional "CHECK_*_ATTRIBUTES" hook.

    types for the PP ("pure-perl") old implementation of type checks.

    typesafety for a PP implementation of type inference and type-checks.

    Devel::TypeCheck for the best PP implementation of general type

    <> for the const type

    <> for typed arrays.

    <> for typed hashes.

    <> for perfect hashes.

    <> for fast internal type
    checks and optimizations.

    <> for typed scalars.

    Reini Urban

    This library is free software under the same terms as perl itself.

    Copyright (c) 2012 Reini Urban

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