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A prototype of the MOP for Perl 5

NOTE: This is still VERY much a work in progress

This is a prototype of the proposed MOP for Perl 5. The main purpose of this prototypes is to work out a few of key things; the syntax/semantics of the object system, the underlying MOP API and the extensibility of the MOP itself.

Ideally this will also provide the starts of a test suite that can be ported to the final implementation.

This prototype, for the most part, accurately reflects the proposed syntax/semanitics of the object system, however the implementation is another story. Basically, any implementation found in these folders should NEVER be considered a proposal for a specific implementation technique. In fact, much of what you might find in here will likely use scary and tricky techniques to accomplish desired behaviors, and it would be expected that a real implementation would NOT use such scary and tricky techniques.