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cperl-5.22.1 / 2015-09-14
These are the changes above perl-5.22.1 (i.e. 5.23.0)
See pod/perlcperl.pod for a summary, but note that perlcperl includes also
still in work features.
* Enable cloning of readonly packages with threads (upstream bug)
* Add Travis hooks:
* Do not fallback to u_ ops on 32bit.
* installperl uses PERLNAME=cperl with -Dusecperl
* installperl honors Configure -Dperlpath
* fixed some crashing cornercases found by the AFL fuzzer or similar:
#125840: $x=*0; *x=$x
protect from XSRETURN(-1)
#125341: BEGIN <> (worse fix added upstream)
#125350: qq{@{[0}*sub{]]}}}=sub{0' . "\c[" (Shlomi Fish, not upstream)
fixed various off-by-one \0 errors with the new 5.16 GV code.
* merge SVf_PROTECT with SVf_READONLY, no double readonly system
* fix ops using lexical $_, old OA_TARGLEX bug with TARGET_MY optim
* add shaped arrays and optimize certain accesses to omit run-time
bounds checks. loops with static ranges, constant array indices.
* typed all internal ops and use them.
provide upgrade and downgrade variant tables.
* re-instate pre-2002 exceptions for i_modulo and i_divide with constants
and typed integers, as with use integer.
[CHANGE] constant integer modulo now behaves as under use integer
and deviates with one negative argument from post-2002 code.
* integer constants behave now as under use integer. provide upgrade
exceptions with the u_ suffix for u_add and u_multiply.
* opcodes: re-arrange, add pure, boxret, typed and native variants.
renamed some opcodes for harmonization and provide backcompat macros
* fix OP_SASSIGN to be a proper BINOP and remove the various exceptions
* coretypes as builtins, with type check and promotion.
native types implemented, but not yet promoted
* convert static method calls to subs, as described in
4% faster
* DEBUG_k: -Dk for compiler checks and optimizations, also -Dkv
* rewrote Config as XS, as perfect hash
* change EUMM to depend on lib/, not lib/Config/pm
because of Config bootstrapping quirks with miniperl and perl variants
* utils: prefix perldoc, perlbug and perlivp with a 'c'.
rewrote cperlbug to post to
SPOOKY32 hashes
* hash_func: select FNV1A as new default. See
* allow Configure -Dhash_func=name
* DEBUG_H: prefix with HASH, and extend it
* fixup (void)INCMARK
* B::Deparse test fixup
* enterxssub: fix ext/Devel-Peek/t/Peek.t
* enterxssub: fix B::Deparse and tests
* enterxssub: fix B tests
* Safe 2.39_01c, Opcode 1.33c: disable enterxssub
* Safe 2.39_01c: Document XS inabilities
* add seperate enterxssub op, ~12% faster
* Safe: skip loading empty Carp::Heavy
* B-Deparse: skip DynaLoader::dl_load_flags on cperl
* Test-Harness: fix for cperl
* fastarith: on gcc and clang use fast overflow intrinsics
* perlcperl.pod: add build + install doc
* ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap: allow missing
* apidoc: fix placing set_version in perlapi
* cperl: do not normalize PL_patchlevel
* cperl version: permit ending c in every cperl VERSION
* more Porting updates: skip DynaLoader for cmpVERSION
* regen Porting/
* fix t/porting/regen.t
* t/lib/warnings/op: fix for new DynaLoader
* DynaLoader: fix porting/diag.t
* DynaLoader: comment about t/comp/require.t test 53
* t/porting/args_assert.t: fix for set_version
* t/porting/podcheck.t: update for XSLoader/DynaLoader copies
* regen: Possible unintended interpolation of @Changed
* Makefile: improve DL_SRC dependency, touch ar lib
* XSLoader: fix XSLoader.t test 24
* Documentation: add cperl specific changes to *Loader.pod
* perlcall.pod: format flags with C<>, add more about SP vs MARK
* XSLoader: converted to compiled builtin
* DynaLoader.pod: formatting
* metaconf: add dl extensions and path_sep to config.h
* config.h: add LDLIBPTHNAME
* metaconf: add HAS_LIBNAME_UNIQUE to config.h
* metaconf: add d_vms_case_sensitive_symbols and HAS_VMS_CASE_SENSITIVE_SYMBOLS
* xsutils: boot_core_xsutils: boot_DynaLoader
* ExtUtils-Embed-1.33 usecperl variant to boot DynaLoader immediately
* DynaLoader: converted to compiled builtin
* attributes: regen lib/.gitignore via regen/
* attributes: fix t/porting/diag.t, add :-shared error to perldiag.pod
* attributes: fix tests for cperl
* disable pp parts
* cperl: allow :const and coretype function return attributes
* lib/ do not bootstrap with cperl
* attributes 0.26_01c converted to XS
* Makefile.SH: replace CC with LD to link exes
* add use cperl pragma
* coretypes: fix t/op/stash.t omit deleting READONLY stash keys
* coretypes: declare Undef, Int, UInt, Num, Str
* ExtUtils-MakeMaker: fix repreq.t for builtin strict
* strict: fix test for cperl
* strict 1.10c converted to compiled builtin, re-add xsutils.c
* usecperl Deparse: lexical_subs is enabled
* mv README.cperl -> pod/perlcperl.pod
* fix t/porting/maintainers.t
* cperl: display cperl specifics with -V
* Fix cperl pod_rules (readmes in the MANIFESTs)
* Update perldata/const from const qualifier to :const attribute
* perldata.pod: add const and coretypes
* pod: fix porting tests
* README.cperl: tailcall optimization (long term plan)
* README.cperl: We track stable upstream releases only
* README.cperl: php7 + => pod
* -DH debug hash fill, size and collisions
* Configure: set cperl as package, and use its installstyle
* Configure: support -Dusecperl, $Config{usecperl}, ifdef USE_CPERL
* add cperl documentation: pod/perltypes.pod README.cperl
* add CHECK_*_ATTRIBUTES for compile-time
* make -s: more Makefile silencing
* make -s: ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap 7.04_01c: silence Running Mkbootstrap
* fix RT#81332 744aaba059 bloats the B compilers
* test -D switches: add PERLIO_DEBUG changes
* test -D switches: new t/run/switchDBG.t
* DEBUG_I: add documentation for -DI and PERLIO_DEBUG
* PerlIO_debugio: reuse fd from PERLIO_DEBUG for PL_perlio_debug_fd
* DEBUG_I: add a seperate -DI instead of PERLIO_DEBUG
* schmorp stableperl patches for 5.22.0
* restricted hash error message with stashes
* [perl #125369] - Set correct flags for smartmatch in certain cases
* installperl: no strip with DEBUGGING
* parse unicode superscripts simplified (max 2 digits)
* parse unicode constant superscripts (one digit)
* parse sdot for multiply also
* parse some new unicode keywords
* hints/ document -no-cpp-precomp cargo cult
* Devel::Peek fix tests for changed core dump.c
* dump: adjust core tests for changed dump
* dump: add FLAGS values and PADLIST sizes
* MD5: static is not at beginning of declaration
* t/porting/globvar.t: skip PL_memory_debug_header also
* add warnings 7fatal testcase for #123398
* don't fatalize warnings during unwinding (#123398)
* lib/vars_carp.t: fix wrong test
* Ignore ENOTTY on open via the perlio buffer layer
* regen_lib: add some love for vim
* MARK -Ds debugging
* XSLoader 0.21: use dl_find_symbol 3rd optional argument
* DynaLoader: extend t/DynaLoader.t to be run from basedir also
* DynaLoader/dl_*.xs: Define all PERL_IN_DL_*_XS markers
* DynaLoader 1.33 dl_find_symbol add 3rd optional argument
* Configure: support non-perl5 package, and use its installstyle
* xs_boot_epilog (Xp): change ax from U32 to I32
* force_next: fix -Wsign-comp warning
* perl_hash_crc32: use HW hasher as default with SSE4.2
* Makefile: add TAGS target (etags, not ctags)
* EUMM: more make -s improvements
* make -s: silent means silent
* lib/h2ph.t: keep tmpfiles on error
Perl 5
For an overview of what's changed in this release, see pod/perldelta.pod.
For the details of changes in previous releases, see the individual
perlNNNdelta.pod files. For example, pod/perl588delta.pod describes the
changes between versions 5.8.7 and 5.8.8.
For a list of contributors to perl, see AUTHORS.
If you need a detailed commit history (i.e. descriptions of each
individual commit), you can view the git version control history online
at (follow the 'shortlog' link beside
the relevant tag). Or, you can download a copy of the git repository and
then run a command like
git log --name-status v5.12.0..v5.14.0
to view all the changes between 5.12.0 and 5.14.0.
See pod/perlgit.pod for more details on using git and accessing the
commit history.
In perl releases prior to 2009, the source tarball included a collection
of Changes files that listed the individual commits that had gone into
each release. Since these files had become very large, and since the
same information is now freely available online, it was decided to remove
them from subsequent releases.
If you need access to these removed files, then they can be be found most
recently in the 5.8.9 and 5.10.0 tarballs, at
The contents of the files in question can mostly be regenerated using git
commands. The following table shows the equivalents. Note that the files
prior to Changes5.005 were not simple lists of commits, so can't be
recreated just by running the git command. As it happens, even the latter
ones are not exact equivalents. This is due to a combination of errors in
the original Changes files, and "impedance mismatches" when the previous
version control data was imported into git in December 2008.
For example, the Changes5.005 file includes 206 spurious entries from the
maint5.004 Perforce branch.
Running the following command with the range argument shown in the table
will produce *approximately* the same list of changes in the specified
file shown from the listed tarball.
git log --name-status <range>
file tarball <range> argument to 'git log'
------------ ------ --------------------------------
Changes5.000 Either N/A
Changes5.001 Either perl-5.000..perl-5.001
Changes5.002 Either perl-5.001..perl-5.002
Changes5.003 Either perl-5.002..perl-5.003
Changes5.004 Either perl-5.003..perl-5.004
Changes5.005 Either perl-5.004..perl-5.005_03
Changes5.6 Either perl-5.005_03..perl-5.6.0
Changes5.8 Either perl-5.6.0..perl-5.8.0
Changes5.8.1 5.8.9 perl-5.8.0..perl-5.8.1 ^1ede746b
Changes5.8.2 5.8.9 perl-5.8.1..perl-5.8.2
Changes5.8.3 5.8.9 perl-5.8.2..perl-5.8.3
Changes5.8.4 5.8.9 perl-5.8.3..perl-5.8.4
Changes5.8.5 5.8.9 perl-5.8.4..perl-5.8.5 ^3a81978b
Changes5.8.6 5.8.9 perl-5.8.5..perl-5.8.6 ^498d59dd
Changes5.8.7 5.8.9 perl-5.8.6..perl-5.8.7
Changes5.8.8 5.8.9 perl-5.8.7..perl-5.8.8
Changes 5.8.9 perl-5.8.8..perl-5.8.9
Changes 5.10.0 perl-5.8.0..perl-5.10.0