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#!./perl -w
@INC = qw(lib);
# This needs to be at BEGIN time, before any use of Config
# install_lib itself loads and imports Config into main::
require './';
use strict;
use Getopt::Long;
use ExtUtils::Packlist;
use Pod::Man;
use vars qw(%opts $packlist);
require './Porting/';
my %man1 = (map {($_->[0], $_->[1])} @{get_pod_metadata()->{master}});
$ENV{SHELL} = 'sh' if $^O eq 'os2';
my $patchlevel = substr($],3,2);
die "Patchlevel of perl ($patchlevel)",
"and patchlevel of ($Config{'PERL_VERSION'}) don't match\n"
if $patchlevel != $Config{'PERL_VERSION'};
my $usage =
"Usage: installman --man1dir=/usr/wherever --man1ext=1
--man3dir=/usr/wherever --man3ext=3
--notify --verbose --silent --help
Defaults are:
man1dir = $Config{'installman1dir'};
man1ext = $Config{'man1ext'};
man3dir = $Config{'installman3dir'};
man3ext = $Config{'man3ext'};
--notify (or -n) just lists commands that would be executed.
--verbose (or -V) report all progress.
--silent (or -S) be silent. Only report errors.\n";
# --strip intentionally does nothing. By permitting installman to accept it
# without error, the Makefile can pass the same options to installperl and
# installman, which permits more simplification there than this comment costs.
GetOptions( \%opts,
qw( man1dir=s man1ext=s man3dir=s man3ext=s
destdir:s notify|n help|h|? silent|S verbose|V strip))
|| die $usage;
die $usage if $opts{help};
$opts{destdir} //= '';
foreach my $pre (qw(man1 man3)) {
$opts{"${pre}dir"} //= $opts{destdir} . $Config{"install${pre}dir"};
$opts{"${pre}ext"} //= $Config{"${pre}ext"};
$opts{verbose} ||= $opts{notify};
#Sanity checks
-x "./perl$Config{exe_ext}"
or warn "./perl$Config{exe_ext} not found! Have you run make?\n";
-d "$opts{destdir}$Config{'installprivlib'}"
|| warn "Perl library directory $Config{'installprivlib'} not found.
Have you run make install?. (Installing anyway.)\n";
-x "t/perl$Config{exe_ext}" || warn "WARNING: You've never run 'make test'!!!",
" (Installing anyway.)\n";
$packlist = ExtUtils::Packlist->new("$opts{destdir}$Config{installarchlib}/.packlist");
# Install the main pod pages.
pod2man(\%man1, $opts{man1dir}, $opts{man1ext}, 'pod');
# Install the pods for library modules.
my $found = pods_to_install();
pod2man($found->{$_}, $opts{man3dir}, $opts{man3ext}, 'lib')
foreach qw(MODULE PRAGMA);
# Install the pods embedded in the installed scripts
my $has_man1dir = $opts{man1dir} ne '' && -d $opts{man1dir};
my $fh = open_or_die('utils.lst');
while (<$fh>) {
next if /^#/;
my ($path, $leaf) = m|^(\S*/(\S+))|;
# Have we already installed the manpage for this? (eg perldoc)
next if $man1{$leaf};
pod2man({$leaf, $path}, $opts{man1dir}, $opts{man1ext});
if ($has_man1dir) {
if (my ($link) = m|#.*link\s*=\s*\S+/(\S+)|) {
my $old = "$opts{man1dir}/$leaf.$opts{man1ext}";
my $new = "$opts{man1dir}/$link.$opts{man1ext}";
link($old, $new);
$old =~ s/^\Q$opts{destdir}\E// if $opts{destdir};
$new =~ s/^\Q$opts{destdir}\E// if $opts{destdir};
$packlist->{$new} = { from => $old, type => 'link' };
close $fh or my_die("close 'utils.lst': $!");
sub pod2man {
my($modpods, $mandir, $manext, $where) = @_;
if ($mandir eq ' ' or $mandir eq '') {
if ($where) {
warn "Skipping installation of $where man pages.\n"
} else {
warn "Skipping installation of $_ man page.\n"
foreach values %$modpods;
if ($opts{verbose}) {
if ($where) {
print "installing from $where\n";
} else {
print "installing $_\n"
foreach sort keys %$modpods;
foreach my $manpage (sort keys %$modpods) {
my $mod = $modpods->{$manpage};
# Skip files without pod docs
my $has_pod;
my $fh = open_or_die($mod);
while (my $line = <$fh>) {
if ($line =~ /^=head1\b/) {
close $fh or my_die("close '$mod': $!");
# Sadly it doesn't seem possible to re-use this handle for the call
# to parse_from_file() below, as Pod::Man relies on source_filename(),
# which Pod::Simple only sets accurately if it opens the file itself.
unless ($has_pod)
warn "no documentation in $mod\n" unless $opts{silent};
if ($^O eq 'os2' || $^O eq 'amigaos' || $^O eq 'uwin' || $^O eq 'cygwin') {
$manpage =~ s#::#.#g;
my $tmp = "${mandir}/${manpage}.tmp";
$manpage = "${mandir}/${manpage}.${manext}";
my $parser = Pod::Man->new( section => $manext,
official=> 1,
center => 'Perl Programmers Reference Guide'
my $xmanpage = $manpage;
$xmanpage =~ s/^\Q$opts{'destdir'}\E// if $opts{'destdir'};
print " $xmanpage\n" unless $opts{silent};
if (!$opts{notify} && $parser->parse_from_file($mod, $tmp)) {
if (-s $tmp) {
if (safe_rename($tmp, $manpage)) {
$packlist->{$xmanpage} = { type => 'file' };
$packlist->write() unless $opts{notify};
print " Installation complete\n" if $opts{verbose};
# ex: set ts=8 sts=4 sw=4 et: