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@@ -1,8 +1,9 @@
=encoding utf8
=for comment
-This has been completed up to a74fb2cdc8f, except for
-e032854 khw [perl #32080] is_utf8_string() reads too far
+This has been completed up to e08f19f5d07, except for
+e032854 khw [perl #32080] is_utf8_string() reads too far
+b0f2e9e nwclark Fix two bugs related to pod files outside of pod/ (important enough?)
=head1 NAME
@@ -44,6 +45,12 @@ The B<t> command in the debugger, which toggles tracing mode, now accepts a
numerical argument that determines how many levels of subroutine calls to
+=head2 Return value of C<tied>
+The value returned by C<tied> on a tied variable is now the actual scalar
+that holds the object to which the variable is tied. This allows ties to
+be weakened with C<Scalar::Util::weaken(tied $tied_variable)>.
=head1 Security
XXX Any security-related notices go here. In particular, any security
@@ -117,7 +124,9 @@ C<substr> has changed.
Passing a substring of a read-only value or a typeglob to a function (potential lvalue context) no longer causes an immediate "Can't coerce" or "Modification of a read-only value" error. That error only occurs if and
when the value passed is assigned to.
-The same thing happens with the "substr outside of string" error.
+The same thing happens with the "substr outside of string" error. If the
+lvalue is only read, not written to, it is now just a warning, as with
+rvalue C<substr>.
=item *
@@ -172,6 +181,12 @@ Assign to a variable that holds a typeglob or copy-on-write scalar is now
much faster. Previously the typeglob would be stringified or the
copy-on-write scalar would be copied before being clobbered.
+=item *
+Assignment to a substring in void context is now more than twice its
+previous speed. Instead of creating and returning a special lvalue scalar
+that is then assigned to, C<substr> modifies the original string itself.
=head1 Modules and Pragmata
@@ -278,6 +293,16 @@ replaces ----- with -{}-{}-{}-{}-
=item *
+L<POSIX> has been upgraded from version 1.26 to 1.27.
+It no longer produces a "Constant subroutine TCSANOW redefined" warning on
+XXX When did it start producing that warning? Was it post-5.15.5? Even if
+it was not, adding a note will help whoever compiles perl5160delta.
+=item *
L<Unicode::Collate> has been upgraded from version 0.85 to version 0.87.
Tailored compatibility ideographs as well as unified ideographs for
@@ -639,6 +664,12 @@ variable was anything other than a string or typeglob.
The C<evalbytes> keyword added in 5.15.5 was respecting C<use utf8>
declarations from the outer scope, when it should have been ignoring them.
+=item *
+C<goto &func> no longers crashes, but produces an error message, when the
+unwinding of the current subroutine's scope fires a destructor that
+undefines the subroutine being "goneto" [perl #99850].
=head1 Known Problems

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