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pddtypes.pod: add [#21979][#109744] referenced constant loses readonl…


Also add [#21979] to Cant declare subroutine entry in "my"
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1 parent 66e9137 commit c25811c489fcc23ae081ef1e2d014f7528c72f4e @rurban committed Jul 20, 2012
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16 pddtypes.pod
@@ -258,14 +258,14 @@ Modern C-like variant
=head2 Changes & existing bugs
-=head3 Can't declare subroutine entry in "my"
+=head3 [#21979] [#todo] Can't declare subroutine entry in "my"
Multiple B<my> declarations with types are not parsed correctly.
perl -e'$i::x; my (j $a, i $b)=(1,2);'
=> Can't declare subroutine entry in "my" at -e line 1, near ")="
- perl -e'$i::x; my (i $a)=(1);'
+ perl -e'my (i $a)=(1);'
=> Can't declare subroutine entry in "my" at -e line 1, near ")="
This is a parser problem.
@@ -280,7 +280,19 @@ and
perl -e'$i::x; my i $a;'
parses correctly.
+=head3 [#21979][#109744] referenced constant loses readonlyness
+On a threading Perl, a list-mode refgen applied to a constant will copy the constant
+rather than reference it, but the SVf_READONLY flag is not copied.
+An srefgen, however, will reference it. On a non-threading Perl constness
+is preserved.
+L<> starts with support for const
+pads (preserve and use const-ness at compile-time).
+See also L<Scalar::Construct> to create a const. This module was
+created in response to the ticket [#109744], similar but with less features
+than L<Readonly> or L<Const::Fast>.

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