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perl.h doesn't need special cases for x2p, as x2p doesn't include it.

Commit 22c35a8 in October 1998 added an #if !defined(PERL_FOR_X2P)
guard to prevent perl.h from including embed.h when being used to compile
a2p. However, this was not needed even then, because embed.h only contains
pre-processor directives (mostly #define) related to tokens unused in a2p's
C code, so its continued inclusion would not have any effect. Moreover a2p
never actually included perl.h from its own code - only its copy of malloc.c
would include perl.h, and that only if perl was configured to use its own
malloc. But even x2p's use of malloc.c had been "temporarily disabled" by
commit 30e2e42 1 month earlier, so there was never a need for this.
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1 parent bce1a96 commit c370e5423e76f589b72f910ca2e86b534fd93248 Nicholas Clark committed Dec 8, 2011
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2 perl.h
@@ -977,7 +977,7 @@ EXTERN_C int usleep(unsigned int);
/* Cannot include embed.h here on Win32 as win32.h has not
yet been included and defines some config variables e.g. HAVE_INTERP_INTERN
-#if !defined(PERL_FOR_X2P) && !(defined(WIN32)||defined(VMS))
+#if !(defined(WIN32)||defined(VMS))
# include "embed.h"
# ifndef PERL_MAD
# undef op_getmad

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